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Test 2 Из нескольких вариантов (1, 2, 3, 4) выберите единственно правильный. 1.When I … in London I hope to visit a friend of mine. 1. was2. am3. have been4. will be 2.The documents ... now. 1. checked2. are checking3.have been checked 4. are being checked 3.I didn´t know the answer because I … the book. 1. wouldn´t read2. don´t read3. hadn´t read4. didn´t read 4.He … the report for today´s seminar. 1. doesn´t prepare2. hasn´t prepared 3. isn´t prepared4. hadn´t prepared 5.I wonder whether he ... . 1. come2. comes3. will come4. would come 6.By the time we came back, the house ... by an American. 1. was bought2. had been bought3. bought4. will be bought 7.I … for you when you come out of the building. 1. am waiting2. was waiting3. be waiting4. will be waiting 8.If you ... them, they will come. 1. invited2. invite3. will invite4. would invite 9.She … piano lessons since last June. 1. is taking2. takes3. has been taking4. took 10.I … this wonderful film when I was 16. 1. see2. have seen3. saw4. had seen 11.When we came back she . . . coffee. 1. makes2. was making3. will make4. would make 12.At present our company ... . 1. was reorganized2. has reorganized3. is being reorganized 4. has been reorganized 13.She wondered if I... her letter. 1. will post2. posted3. had posted4. post 14.When I arrived, there . . . nobody at all in the house. 1. was2. is3. has been4. were 15.Let´s phone him now before it ... too late. 1. will be 2. is3. was4. would be 16.This time tomorrow they ... to Paris. 1. will fly2. will be flying3. will have flown4. fly 17.She was sure she ... him somewhere before. 1. would see2. see3. had seen4. saw 18.Where ... your parent company located? 1. is2. has3. does4. will 19.When … you receive a telephone call from them? l. have2. were3. did4. shall 20.... he going to be an economist? l. has2. will3. does4. is 21.You have lost your car keys, ... you? 1. didn´t2. did3. haven´t4. have 22.My house ... all last week. 1. had decorated2. was decorating3. decorated 4. was being decorated 23.It is exactly two weeks since I last... to New York. l. went2. have gone3. were going4. had gone 24.She won´t get the job unless she ... to speak English. 1. will learn2. have learnt3. learns4. would learn 25.They wondered what he ... next. 1. will say2. would say3. has said4. said 26.I ... my work before he returned. 1. finished2. have finished3. had finished4. finish 27.What ... he do for a living? 1. do2. is3. are4. does 28.Several cars ... outside the building. 1. were parked2. parked3. were parking4. were to park 29.I´ll get in touch as soon as I .... 1. got back2. will get back3. would get back4. get back 30.... you making a tour of France when you met him? 1. did2. were3. are4. was 31.What sort of books . . . you interested in? l. have2. is3. do4. are 32.By this time next month he ... all his exams. 1. passed2. will pass3. passes 4. will have passed 33.Mathematics . . . often used as a test of intelligence. l. is2. has3. are4. have 34.Lots of things . . . since I last wrote to you. 1. have happened2. happen3. had happened4. happened 35.She has to do a really difficult job, . . . she? 1. hasn´t2. has3. does4. doesn´t 36.Will you have a picnic if the weather . . . fine? 1. stay2. stays3. will stay4. stayed 37.The student ... the test when the bell rang. 1. hasn´t finished2. doesn´t finish3. won´t finish4. hadn´t finished 33.My jeans ... at the moment. 1. are washed2. are washing3. are being washed4. is being washed 30.He told me he ... in a couple of days. 1. will be back2. is back3. would be back4. was back 40.... they discussed your essay yet? l. were2. had3. did4. have

42.Before you . . . don´t forget to turn off the TV-set. 1. will leave2. left3. leave4. has left 43.… you watching TV when I phoned you? l. did2. were3. are4. do 44.As he posted the letter he realized that he ... a stamp on it. 1. didn´t put2. hadn´t put3. hasn´t put4. wasn´t put 45.How long ... she been taking driving lessons before she passed the exam? 1. had2. did3. has4. was 46.I am not sure if he ... the invitation tomorrow. 1. accept2. accepts3. will accept4. will be accepted 47.Don´t worry! All your expenses ... . 1. will pay2. had been paid3. are paying4. will be paid 48.When ... he coming back? l. does2. is3. will4. has 49.She phoned to know where the meeting ... . 1. is held2. would hold3. will be held4. would be held 50.How many contracts ... you make last month? l. do2. had3. did4. will 51.About one thousand people ... in that factory. 1. employed2. have employed3. will employ4. are employed 52.I wondered whether he ... a fax machine. l. will have bought2. had bought3. was bought4. has bought 53.... busy since we last met. 1. was2. have been3. will be4. had been 54.He asked me to write as soon as I ... . 1. will arrive2. arrive3. arrived4. would arrive 55.She ... the company manager two months ago. 1. has appointed2. was appointed3. will be appointed 4. has been appointed 56.When he ... a better job, they will rent a bigger flat. 1. found2. find3. will find4. finds 57.Our hotel room still ... when we returned. 1. hasn´t been cleaned2. hadn´t cleaned3. hadn´t been cleaned 4. was cleaning 58.The decorators will have finished by next week, . . . they? l. will2. have3. haven´t4. won´t 59.I ... to wait outside. 1. have told2. was told3. told4. tell 60.After you ... we will write to you every day. l. left2. will leave3. leave4. leaves

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