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Контрольная работа. Вариант 1

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Variant 1 Task 1 1.1. Read the text and translate it in the written form. Прочитайте и сделайте письменный перевод текста. Who’s who in hotel and catering My name’s Milan Havel, and I’m an assistant manager at the Hotel Ambassador in London. There are two assistant managers, and one of us is always on duty at busy times. The general manager has overall responsibility, of course, and we report directly to her. We are responsible for day-to-day running of the hotel. We plan the work schedules, manage the accounts, and deal with any problems to do with staff or guests. We have about 100 people of personnel. Basically there are four departments, each with its own manager: Firstly, there’s front of the house – that’s receptionists, the employees who deal with our guests on daily basis. They check the guests in and out, take reservations, make sure that everyone is getting the service they need. The reception team usually consists of a supervisor and two or three receptionists, depending on the time of day. They report to the front of the house manager, who is also in charge of the porters and doormen. Then there’s housekeeping – all the services to do with the rooms. The headв housekeeper is in charge of this. She has a team of maids who make up the rooms, provide towels and bed linen, and ensure that everything is ready for a new guest. She also looks after laundry and cleaning in other parts of the hotel. The banqueting and conference manager organizes all the events that take place in the hotel. That could be a one-day conference for twenty people, or a big corporate function with hundreds of guests. He has a team of event organizers who look after groups and parties. For smaller functions we use our in-house catering staff, but for big occasions we employ agency staff by the hour. And finally, there’s the food and beverage manager. The food and beverage manager is responsible for the restaurant and the kitchen. Three people report directly to him: the head waiter, the bar manager, and the head chef. The head waiter manages the specialist wine waiters and other waiters and waitresses. The bar manager is responsible for bar staff. The head chef manages the kitchen and under him comes the assistant or sauce chef. Finally, the kitchen porters come at the bottom of that reporting line. 1.2. Answer the questions in the written form. Письменно ответьте на вопросы. 1. How many assistant managers are there at the Hotel Ambassador? 2. Who do they report directly to? 3. What do hotel operations involve? 4. How many people of personnel do they have? 5. What are the four departments that basically the hotel has? 1.3. Are the following statements true (T) or false (F). Correct the false ones. Определите, являются ли предложения истинными или ложными. Скорректируйте ложные. 1. There are two assistant managers and we both are always on duty at busy times. 2. The house manager is also in charge of the porters and doormen. 3. Only one-day conferences can be organized in the hotel. 4. Seven people report directly to the food and beverage manager. 5. The bar manager is responsible for bar staff. Task 2 2.1. Open the brackets. Раскройте скобки, употребив глагол в правильной форме (с частицей to или без нее). 1. Let me (guess) myself what those departments are. 2. Guests put the signs on their hotel doors when they are in and don’t want the maids (come) and (clean) their room. 3. I would like you (sign) your registration card. 4. The assistant manager heard the guest (complain). 5. The house keeper asks the maids (scrub) down the bathrooms and (change) the linen.

2.2. Put the words in the right order. Составьте предложения, поставив слова в нужном порядке. 1. to / a taxi / He / someone / wished / order. 2. the customer / checking in / saw / The guide. 3. the cashier / accounts / them / Guests / expect / to help / with. 4. an extra bed / the man / heard / asking / They / for. 5. your / the porter / Let / with / you / help / with / luggage. 2.3. Make up special questions. Задайте вопрос, начиная с указанного вопросительного слова. 1. The security department is in charge of the lost and found office. What office…? 2. The bellboy will show the guests how to lock and unlock the door. What…? 3. The assistant manager runs the hotel when the general manager is out. When…? 4. The maids do the makeup in the rooms every day. How often…? 5. Most hotels offer single and double rooms. What kind of rooms…? 2.4. Make up questions to the underlined words. Задайте вопрос к подчеркнутым словам. 1. The bell captain directs bellmen. 2. The guests may want the bellman to explain how to use the room appliances. 3. The front office is in the lobby of a hotel. 4. The hotel security department must protect the guests from all dangers. 5. Maids use master keys to provide security for the hotel guestrooms. 2.5. Translate the sentences from English into Russian. Переведите предложения на русский язык. 1. Hotel guests wish bellmen to run errands for them. 2. When the receptionist sees a guest arrive, she must greet and assign a room. 3. Room clerks always ask the hotel guests to sign in the register or to fill in a registration card. 4. The hotel manager relies on his front desk employees to provide brief and convenient guest service. 5. The housekeeper tells the maids to general clean the rooms or make up the rooms. 2.6. Translate the sentences from Russian into English, using the Complex Object. Переведите предложения на английский язык, используя сложное дополнение. 1. Наши гости ожидают, что ваши работники службы приема помогут им выполнить гостиничные формальности. 2. Я услышал, что кто-то позвонил, и попросил посыльного выполнить поручение. 3. Гость хотел бы, чтобы консьержка отправила по почте его пакет. 4. Туристы не ожидали, что экскурсовод приедет так рано. 5. Гость из номера «люкс» на 9-м этаже попросил, чтобы мы разбудили его завтра в 6 часов утра. 6. Что должна делать администратор, когда видит, что гости входят в вестибюль гостиницы? 7. Начальник службы безопасности заметил, как кто-то уронил ключ. 8. Гид видела, как гости выходили из автобуса. 9. Когда вы хотите, чтобы носильщик пришел и забрал ваш багаж? 10. Вы слышали, как гость просил горничную сменить постельное белье и полотенца? Task 3 3.1. Translate the following word combinations into Russian. Переведите следующие словосочетания на русский язык. 1. I understand your desire to get to the bottom of things. – … 2. Have a try! – … 3. To put it in a nutshell …– … 4. You didn’t waste your time! – … 5. First things first. – … 3.2. Translate the following word combinations into English. Переведите следующие словосочетания на английский язык. 1. Ты не возражаешь? – … 2. доставлять сообщения – … 3. бюро находок = стол находок – … 4. выполнять задачу, функцию, обязанность – … 5. индивидуальный сейф – … 3.3. Fill in the gaps with prepositions. Вставьте пропущенные предлоги. 1. The receptionist asks the guest to fill … the registration form and assigns a room … him. 2. If the guest is not … … the moment, the operator can take a message … the absent guest. 3. The security department is … charge … the lost and found office. 4. When the guest checks …, he wants someone to help him … accounts. 5. … the head … the housekeeping service is the housekeeper. 3.4. Choose the appropriate phrase. Выберите наиболее подходящую реплику.

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