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Task 1 1.1. Read the text and translate it in the written form. Прочитайте и сделайте письменный перевод текста. No ordinary place to eat! For hundreds of years when tired travelers stopped on their journeys, there were only a few places to eat and drink. Nowadays, streets are lined with restaurants, cafes, and snack bars, but some people want something more unusual. Dinner in the sky Dinner in the sky is for people who want more than a little experiment when they go out to eat. They sit at a huge table which hangs from a crane fifty meters in the air. It’s not a good idea for people who are afraid of heights or for those who don’t have much money. It costs ₤10, 000. The twenty-two diners wear seat belts and relax and enjoy the views while the chefs prepare the finest food in front of them. The restaurant opened in Belgium in 2006, but now has branches in Paris, Dubai, Florida, and Las Vegas. David Ghysels, the Belgian organizer says, ‘We realized that people were bored with going to the same old restaurants. They wanted to try something different. The sky’s the limit with us!’ The crane is checked carefully before every sitting. The table is 9m 5 m and weighs six tones. In the center there is a sunken platform for the chef and two waiters. The food is delicious, but most guests don’t feel like eating until after a few drinks! Then they also get the courage to look down at the ground where tiny people are looking up in amazement and waving. Dinner in the sky is very exciting and the food is good, but there are problems. For example, even in quiet weather conversation is difficult because of the wind. Guests shout to each other across the table. Also, the loo. You can’t go to the loo until the table descends again. Difficult for some! But later, back on earth, after a visit to the loo, the guests have a great experience to talk about. Lucy: “I was hungry when I arrived at the restaurant, but when I saw the crane I forgot about being hungry. I was so frightened. The host, David, said ‘Don’t worry, it’s 100% safe’. Huh! I’m sure a few of the other guests felt like me – they looked very pale. Anyway, we sat down at this huge table, fastened our seat belts and up, up, up we went. I couldn’t look down. Everyone was saying, ‘What a wonderful view’, but I just couldn’t look. Then one of the waiters put a glass of wine in my hand and I opened my eyes and the view was amazing. People were waving to us from the ground. They probably thought we were mad. The weather was perfect, thank goodness, just a little breeze. I began to enjoy it. The other guests were all great fun. I didn’t know anyone at the start, but I soon made some friends and the food was good too, especially the prawns. The chef cooked them in front of us on a tiny cooker. But best of all, was at the end, when everybody learnt my name they started singing ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds’. No diamonds, but I was certainly in the sky. I was quite sorry when we came down to earth again”. 1.2. Answer the questions in the written form. Письменно ответьте на вопросы. 1. What is unusual about the restaurant? 2. When and where did it open? 3. How expensive is it? 4. Are there any problems? 5. What did Lucy like about the restaurant? 6. What didn’t she like? 7. What does she say about the other guests? 1.3. Are the following statements true (T) or false (F). Correct the false ones. Определите, являются ли предложения истинными или ложными. Скорректируйте ложные. 1. There can be no more than fifteen people at the table. 2. The chef and two waiters serve the guests in the sky. 3. Dinner in the sky is the only restaurant in Belgium. 4. ‘A few of the other guests were scared,’ says Lucy. 5. A glass of pine apple juice helped Lucy to relax a little. 6. Fortunately, the weather was fine, it wasn’t windy or raining.

Task 2 2.1. Open the brackets. Раскройте скобки, употребив глагол в правильной форме (Past Simple / Present Perfect). 1. The catering manager (make) bulk purchases last week. 2. The storekeepers already (dispatch) food and beverages to the kitchen. 3. The bartender (serve) a mixed drink yet? 4. You ever (try) cold cereals? 5. The caterer of the hotel (arrange) parties for groups of people last season. 2.2. Put the words in the right order. Составьте предложения, поставив слова в нужном порядке. 1. business / become / Their / yet / hasn’t / profitable. 2. has / our / left / on / the / the / tips / table / for / waiter / Who? 3. seated / has / the / already / The / guests / hostess. 4. our / never / This / show / seen / guest / has / fashion. 5. have / I / to / not / the / been / for / Rules restaurant / ages. 2.3. Make up special questions. Задайте вопрос, начиная с указанного вопросительного слова. 1. He has just started the restaurant part of his internship. What part…? 2. The banquet began five minutes ago. When…? 3.The Rules restaurant has gained an excellent reputation because it has a sophisticated atmosphere and haute cuisine. Why…? 4. They have had a full English breakfast recently. What kind of breakfast …? 5. The station waiters have served the guests in the dinning-hall. Where…? 2.4. Make up questions to the underlined words. Задайте вопрос к подчеркнутым словам. 1. The cook has already made the chef’s special. 2. The guide has ordered table d’hote dinner for her tour group. 3. The volume of catering service has grown lately. 4. The holiday-makers enjoyed the floor show at the night club last night. 5. The head waiter has just taken Mr. Jackson’s order. 2.5. Translate the sentences from English into Russian. Переведите предложения на русский язык. 1. Your customers have already chosen the dishes on the menu, haven’t they? – Yes, they have. But I personally haven’t chosen anything yet. 2. A year has passed since I attended a convention. Has anything changed ever since? – Oh, yes. Our company has developed some new pre-convention and post-convention tours. 3. The catering department was busy this month. The caterers have already arranged and served a dozen of banquets. And they are going to serve a dozen more. 4. Our manager has come to the conclusion that we have to increase our business. 5. The visitor has had a quick snack at a coffee-shop because he is in a hurry. 2.6. Translate the sentences from Russian into English. Переведите предложения на английский язык. 1. Банкет уже начался? – Да, участники конгресса недавно прибыли, и банкет уже начался. 2. Вы когда-нибудь были в роскошном ресторане? 3. Постояльцы только что съели континентальный завтрак в отеле. 4. Мы не встречались со служащими вашего отдела общественного питания с прошлого года. – Да, мы не виделись с прошлого конгресса, когда заказывали банкет в вашем ресторане. 5. Что вы заказали? – Я еще ничего не заказал. Я еще не выбрал. – А вы уже видели меню? – Да, официант его только что принес. 6. Мы никогда не были в этом кафетерии раньше. 7. Вы уже видели комнату для церемоний? – Да, она очень светлая и уютная. 8. Джон (John) никогда не был в ресторане быстрого питания. Он считает, что еда там неполезная для здоровья (unhealthy). 9. Когда вы последний раз ходили в эту закусочную? – Мы не были там уже целую вечность! 10. Они только что узнали (find out = learn) о новом ночном клубе. Он очень дорогой, но атмосфера там расслабляющая и обслуживание безупречное (impeccable). Task 3 3.1. Translate the following word combinations into Russian. Переведите следующие словосочетания на русский язык. 1. In plain English – … 2. to be famous for its haute cuisine – … 3. It depends!…– … 4. That’s obvious. – … 5. In a nutshell, – … 3.2. Translate the following word combinations into English. Переведите следующие словосочетания на английский язык.

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