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Вариант 5 1. Определите по грамматическим признакам, какой частью речи являются слова, оформленные окончанием - s в предложениях (1-4), и какую функцию данное окончание выполняет, т.е. служит ли оно: a)показателем 3-го лица единственного числа глагола в Present Simple; b)признакам множественного числа имени существительного; c)показателем притяжательного падежа имени существительного. Переведите предложения на русский язык: 1.The University´s campus occupies a large territory. 2.Students do the work on their own projects. 3.You learn much when you do the teacher´s job. 4.Professor uses many examples for the illustration of his ideas. 2. Учитывая особенности перевода на русский язык определений, выраженных именем существительным, соотнесите перевод выражений (А - Г), с предложениями (1-4). Переведите предложения на русский язык. А.Музей науки. Б. Университетская библиотека. В. Школьный учитель. Г. Исследовательская программа. 1. Students take part in the Research Program. 2. After graduation I want to work as a school teacher. 3. There is a university library across the street. 4. The Science Museum shows a new exposition. 3. Заполните пропуски прилагательными в соответствующей степени сравнения. Переведите предложения на русский язык. 1. The size of the group in an American college is…( the smallest / smaller ) than in our college. 2. The University laboratories are … (the most/ more) up-to-date in the world. 3. The gardens in Oxford are… (more/as) lovely as in Cambridge. 4. The more you learn about the subject …(the better/ the best) you understand it. 4. Выберите нужную форму местоимения в следующих предложениях и соотнесите ее с номером предложения. Переведите предложения на русский язык. 1. (Somewhere/Anywhere) outside the city there is a students´ ski club. 2. We asked the teacher to say (something/ anybody) about the results of the test. 3.(Everything/Everyone) takes part in social activities. 4. (Nothing/Nobody) of our group is late for classes. 5. В каждом предложении выберите требуемую по смыслу видо-временную форму глагола из данных в скобках. Соотнесите ее с номером предложения. Переведите предложения на русский язык. 1. The experimental centre (offers/ offer) students modern equipment for their studies. 2. The teacher (wrote/ write) my friend´s parents about his last term success. 3. There (will be/are) enough place in the hostel for all the students. 4. The students (attended/ attends) lectures and seminars during the semester. 6. Прочтите 1 – 4 абзацы текста и выполните задания к ним. THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 1. The University of Chicago is a private research university in Chicago, Illinois, the United States. The university consists of the College of the University of Chicago, various graduate programs, professional schools, and a school of continuing education*. The university enrolls* about 5,000 students in the College and about 15,000 students overall. 2. The typical student admitted* to the University of Chicago shows a desire for liberal arts* education. The undergraduates* choose any elective courses that help them explore their interests more broadly. They prefer small classes taught by outstanding* scientists and teachers. The graduates* get Bachelor of Arts* or Bachelor of Science* degrees. 3. The University of Chicago played a great role in the development of various academic disciplines: economics, law*, religion, political science and physics. The scientists explored world´s first man-made nuclear reaction*, split* the atom, measured the speed of light.

4. The campus* of the University of Chicago consists of 85.4 hectares of land in the Chicago neighborhoods. The northern and southern parts of the campus are separated by a large park created for the 1893 World´s Exposition. The University of Chicago also has facilities* away from its main campus. It offers various graduate study programs in Singapore, London, Paris. The University of Chicago also opened a center in Beijing* in 2010. 5. The University of Chicago belongs to the world´s top 10 universities. More than 70 Nobel Prize winners worked at the University at different times. It is the largest number of the laureates* than any American university had. The University is also home to the Chicago University Press, the largest university press in the United States. Задания к тексту 1. Укажите, в каких абзацах текста (1-4) содержится информация (A-D) . A. The University of Chicago has its centres in different parts of the world. B. Members of the University achieved great results in different fields of science. C. The number of students in the University of Chicago is great. D. After graduation from the University students get academic degrees. 2. Выберите вариант завершения предложения соответствующий тексту: The undergraduates choose the University of Chicago because A. …they want to study liberal arts. B. … they are interested in sports. C. … they prefer to live in the campus. D. … there are huge libraries in the University. 3. Укажите абзац, в котором говорится о местонахождении Чикагского Университета. 4. Абзац 4 рассказывает о A. … разведении птиц в университетском парке. B. … площади, занимаемой студенческим городком университета. C. … программе непрерывного образования в университете. D. … корпусах университета, построенных в конце 19 века. 7. Переведите 2 и 5 абзацы текста письменно.

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