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Контрольная по английскому языку. 1 и 2 вариант

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Вариант № 1 Text 1 Police Brutality Outside police headquarters in New York City, the protesters show up each day. In the courts, the biggest criminal cases are against cops. And at a City Hall, the law-and-order record of the Mayor appears tarnished. A combination of brutality charges, federal investigations and public relations problems has thrown the United States’ largest police department into its worst crisis in years. Police and the city’s minorities seem increasingly at odds, and morale in the department is dropping. The department’s troubles came just two years after it was riding high on news that the city’s crime rate was dropping for the first time in 28 years. What’s created the most anger is the case of Amadon Diallo, an unarmed West American immigrant shot to death by police in an apartment lobby. The police, apparently believing Diallo was reaching for a gun, fired 41 bullets at him. He was hit by 19 shots. Now the four white officers who killed him are on trial. They are accused of murder. The defence says it was a tragic accident, the prosecution accepts that the policemen did not set out that night to kill a black man but says that they made a conscious decision to shoot him once they got out of their car. In New York’s borough of Brooklyn, jury selection will begin on Monday for the trial of three other officers accused of brutalizing a Haitian immigrant. The trial centres on allegations that he was brutalized by the officers in a precinct station. Federal and state prosecutors launched investigations of the NYPD (New York Police Department). The commission will hold hearings in May on whether the police tactics violate the public rights, especially in minority neighbourhood. Упражнение 1. А) Выпишите из текста все существительные во множественном числе, переведите их на русский язык. Б) Приведите примеры существительных, которые образуют множественное число нетрадиционным способом. Упражнение 2. Переведите следующие предложные конструкции на русский язык 1.Outside police headquarters … 2.… a combination of brutality charges and federal investigations … 3.He was hit by 19 shots. 4.Now the officers who killed him are on trial. 5.They are accused of murder. 6.… especially in minority neighbourhood Упражнение 3. Выпишите из Текста 1 три утвердительных предложения, в которых сказуемое стоит в 3-ем лице единственного числа Present Simple, переведите предложения на русский язык. Поставьте их в отрицательную и вопросительную форму. Упражнение 4. Определите, чем является –s в следующих предложениях: окончанием множественного числа существительного или окончанием 3 лица ед. числа глагола в настоящем простом времени (Present Simple). 1.The trial centres on allegations. 2.The prosecution accepts that the officers did not set out to kill a black man. 3.The police tactics violate the public rights. Упражнение 5. Выпишите из Текста 1: 1.Два предложения со сказуемыми во множественном числе Present Simple (настоящее простое время). 2.Одно предложение, в котором сказуемым является глагол to be в Past Simple (прошедшее простое время). 3.Одно предложение со сказуемым в отрицательной форме Past Simple (прошедшее простое время). 4. Одно предложение, в котором дважды употреблены сказуемые в Past Continuous (прошедшее продолженное время). Подчеркните сказуемые, переведите предложения на русский язык. Упражнение 6. В следующих предложениях а) подчеркните сказуемое; б) определите временную форму; в) переведите на русский язык, поставьте их в вопросительную форму. 1.In the courts, the biggest criminal cases are against cops. 2.The protesters show up outside police headquarters each day. 3.They made a conscious decision to shoot him. 4.Jury selection will begin in Brooklyn on Monday. 5.Morale in the department is dropping. 6.Diallo was reaching for a gun. Упражнение 7. ....

Контрольная по английскому языку для студентов аспирантуры. 1 и 2 вариант

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