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Решение: Иностранный язык профессионального общения

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Контрольная работа № 2 Задание №1 Заполните пропуски в тексте следующими глаголами. Глаголы необходимо использовать в правильной форме в простом настоящем времени. Present Simple (positive) Be use work sell listen make train own produce want have believe travel deal Cshoes Cshoes is one of the leading footwear manufactures in the UK. This British company famous for its high quality leather shoes. Barbara Cameron is the founder of Cshoes, and also the main designer. She often around the world to get ideas for her new designs. Her father, David Cameron, for the company as the Production Director. He with planning, coordination and control of production processes. Barbara’s husband, Michael Fallon is responsible for Marketing Department, and Barbara’s sister is in charge of Sales. Together they a wonderful team, and their main goal is to produce high quality shoes at reasonable prices. Cshoes make leather shoes, boots and sandals for men, women, and kids. They two big factories in the UK, and two small factories in Morocco. They very modern equipment in their factories and regularly their employees. Barbara wants to be sure her company produces shoes that customers like, so she regularly speaks to customers andto their feedback. The company more than 550 000 pairs per year. Now they their goods in their own small shops the UK and France. But Barbara’s husband, Michael thinks it is time to try new markets. He to export to Germany and Italy and Barbara some new exciting designs that she wants to try. They their company can have huge success worldwide. Задание № 2 Соответствуют ли следующие утверждения тексту в задании № 1? Исправьте неверные утверждения. 1.Cshoes is a family-run business. 2.Barbara’s husband works in Sales. 3.Barbara is interested in what customers think about her company’s products. 4.The company doesn’t have plans to expand. 5.The company works closely with distributers worldwide. Задание № 3 Заполните пропуски следующими предлогами. As for for of with at in to 1.Helly works _ the Sales manager. 2.Tom is responsible _ advertising and marketing. 3.Mary wants to work _ a big international company. 4.A secretary deals _ all phone calls. 5.Jackson often travels _ Italy and Spain on business. 6.Her husband is in charge _ the Production Department. 7.They sell their goods _ very reasonable prices and _ small shops. Задание № 4 Измените следующие предложения так, чтобы они соответствовали Вашей работе. 1.I work for a big international company. 2.I often travel to the UK on business. 3.I am responsible for sales. 4.I am in charge of 5 employees. 5.My company produces office equipment. 6.My company has offices in the UK, Germany, France and Russia.

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