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Решение: Контрольная работа №1. Вариант 4

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ВАРИАНТ 4 I. Подчеркните сказуемое, определите его время. Предложения переведите. 1. It was raining the whole evening. 2. I worked in the library from three till five. 3. We have known him for three years. 4. They carefully examined the samples which they had sent us. 5. Now this railroad is the best means of transportation. II. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на различные функции глаголов to be и to have: 1. These shoes are too small for you. I am afraid they will hurt you when you walk. 2. We’ve been discussing this matter for two hours already. 3. I am translating an article now. 4. I got up early, as the lecture was to begin at 9 o’clock. 5. We had to stay at home yesterday. III. Образуйте существительные от глаголов: to invent, to sell; существительное от прилагательного: insistent. Слова переведите. IV. Переведите текст с помощью словаря. FROM THE HISTORY OF GREAT BRITAIN Ireland was England’s first colony, but even now there are problems connected with religion. The Irish people can be divided into two religious groups: 12 Catholics and Protestants. The fighting between these groups is connected with the colonist past. In the 16th century Henry VIII of England quarreled with Rome and declared himself head of the Anglican Church, which was a Protestant church. He tried to force Irish Catholics to become Anglicans. This policy was continued by his daughter Elizabeth. The «Irish question» remained in the centre of British politics till 1921. After a long and bitter struggle the southern part of Ireland became a Free State. The northern part of Ireland where the Protestants were in majority remained part of the UK. After all the years of confrontation the people of Northern Ireland understand that only through peace talks and respect for the rights of both Catholics and Protestants peace can be achieved.

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